My opinion might be better than yours...

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  1. "The ability of any designer to be any good at what they do (at least in a service capacity) is their ability to listen to a client, who can't describe why they like something other than they like it, and walk them through what they are looking at and describe it for them."

    You know, that is a great statement. I work in the construction industry as an owner's representative and you have no idea how many "prima donna" architects I have worked with over the years that just won't listen to their clients because their egos get in the way.

  2. Thanks.

    Owner's representative is also an under appreciated role in the process of getting quality projects built. Two of my best friends work in that capacity and I have experienced first hand the benefit they bring to the mix. Hopefully your experience with architects includes some good times as well. If not, come work with me!