Men and Urinals...Time for one of them to change

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  1. I haven't stopped laughing. Some public men's rooms have reading material at eye level? Gee whiz! I can't imagine anyone standing long enough to read the sports scores. And doesn't all that reading also become a problem with projection and the splash factor?

  2. Laurie - everything contributes to the splash factor!

  3. There is actually a book written on the subject of bathrooms, including urinals. I beleive it's titled "The Bathroom Book". I sort of remember this from college. It was the late 60's or early 70's. Do you know what I mean, man?

  4. Laurie said gee WHIZ :-)

    Some places actually have advertising instead of sports page.

    Something to look at I guess. I hate a "gazer" if you know what I mean.

    Wally in Cincy

    Eliminating splatter is easy. Specify urinals that have water in them.

  5. I always wanted to know what happens to the floor urine that is on the soles of shoes after walking out of the public toilet room. Also, I can't imagine why a large percentage of men feel it is ok to not wash their hands afterward especially in a restaurant. Someone is going to shake a person's hand or he will eat something with his fingers.