I'd like a McShower please...and supersize it!

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  1. Hey Bob!Like the post...and the shower. I tend to agree with you and obviously you are torn a bit....I am working on a bathroom now where the shower is literally most of the room....96x166...huge! but it is a wet room concept with tub in there as well and in an old house!

    I think the heat issue is very valid one and something to consider but that can be addressed as well. in this shower, radiant heat is going under the floor...everywhere. keep up the good work!

  2. That is huge! We have also done a few wet rooms but the owners haven't been in them so long thaat we have a feel for how they like them over the long haul. I can't really say why we don't get clients to do more radiant floors?...but then again, it's Texas and people don't ever think about it getting cold here.

    Let me know how yours turns out.

  3. I think if your the sort of person that likes a minimalist look (like me) you also wouldn't want a whole plethora of bottles and stuff cluttering the space. I buy shampoo/conditioner/body wash in a co-ordinating range that I display in a niche or on a shower shelf and take the washcloth in and out of the shower with me. I have toyed with the idea of decanting the products into clear plastic bottles but that seems a little too OCD! The last person to shower in the morning squeegees and cleaning products are kept in a closet. That keeps the space clutter-free. Much as I love the shower in the photo, though, I feel it's just too big - no matter how much heating you put in there, naked wet bodies get cold fast.
    My question is: where do the towels go?

  4. @modernemama - that's funny about the clear bottles. I'm with you on keeping things clean and put away but I always try to think about some level of practicality when trying to solve a problem.

    I don't know where the towels go - maybe on the floor by the door?

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Agreed! I sometimes joke on whether we're supplying the standard car wash or the deluxe.

    That bathroom is beautiful, but one has to be a lot hardier than I am to deal with the chilly breeze from that space! Brrr!

    Great post!

  6. So funny! Love this post! I remember my son's old apartment in SF that had a lovely large frameless glass shower. I asked him if it was a bitch to clean..."No" he said, "We had a housekeeper." =\

  7. How funny - what a clever response!
    One of these days I will put a picture up of the shower that's in my house. It's the original from 1967 and the shower is humongous. It really looked like a shower from some Russian Gulag - there were pendant light fixtures hanging down (in the shower!), one of the globes had broken and it was just a light bulb. The slab is depressed for a portion so that you could use it as a bath and the ceiling is exposed beams and structural T&G boards so it's really tall. I suppose at some point, because it was obviously cold, they installed a heat lamp (like the kind you would see in a fast food joint keeping the fried chicken warm). Again, all of this was inside the shower....where the water is!!

    To really complete the picture, there is a giant glass sliding door to an outside garden along one entire side of the shower - just to make it that much colder inside.

    All that having been said, it does look pretty groovy...

  8. When I see large showers filled with body sprays and rain heads, I have two conflicting responses.

    On one hand, I'm a tad envious. Such luxury!

    On the other, such decadence. We're aiming for wise use of resources in so many areas of life but these water hogging showers definitely fall short of those goals.

    But I must confess that I covet a steam shower. In my next life, perhaps.

    And ugh, no way would I want to clean that big an expanse of clear glass. Hosing off in the garden (funny!) wouldn't seem so bad from that perspective. The neighbors might complain, though.

    (I found you through Kelly/Kitchen Sync's blog post.)