Architectural Fees (part 1)

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  1. I can't wait for part 2. I'm an architect, and everything you say rings bells - alarm bells since I have had more than a few clients who follow the profile of stating a budget and then adding a few hundred square feet here, a few hundred there, and by the way, can I please have 27 body sprays in the shower? I'd never quite articulated why I felt bad sending out bills (my therapist says it's a personal devaluation issue), but I think your take is spot on. Here's my story about hourly fees: I had some clients who thought they should only pay for the hours I spent on the one of the four designs I came up with that they liked. Never mind that I had to do them all to come up with the one they liked, nor that I couldn't possibly know ahead of time which one they would like and only spend time on that design. I began to wonder if time spent driving/eating/showering while working out floor plan issues in my head counted. We parted company not terribly long after that. I now tell that story any time someone wants me to charge by the hour. Looking forward to future posts.

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