Karma - The Great Equalizer

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  1. Indeed. Isn't it funny how that works sometimes. Sleaze bags eventually hang themselves. Sometimes it takes too long though.

  2. if you had faith and were a rational thinker, you'd still believe in karma. I do, and all my other minister friends do, too.

    isn't it illegal to sell a property without disclosing something like a drainage issue? wouldn't that be your karma?

    REV. pat cleeland

  3. REV. Cleeland - thanks for your post.

    Let me take a moment to clarify a few things. I did not sell the property, it's not even a lot that I am working on. There also isn't a drainage issue - the lot that sold doesn't discharge any water into this drainage line. The line in question only passes through a portion of his lot and has been in place for over ten years. When this person bought his property from the developer, his survey would have shown the existence and location of this line. If you will recall, the drainage line was required to be put in for the sole purpose of draining water off our site. The city required it of the developer when he came in and box in the lot that my clients eventually bought.

    The only surprise this purchaser would have to contend with now is that they have to sign a document that will transfer the permission for this drainage line to remain in place should they ever sell their property. There really aren't any encumbrances put upon the new owner of the lot other than the surprise.

    Another piece if information that might alter how you perceive this situation is that the lot in question is part of a development where all the lots are called 'flag lots'. Basically, since utilities can't cross property lines, there are 10' wide by varying length strips of land that go from the lot that house sits upon down the private street of the development until it reaches the public right of way (the residence is a flag and the strip is the pole). The drainage line runs along the public right away and crosses through the 10' portion of his 'pole' some 120' away from his proper lot. The line also runs in the front yard setback so no development rights are lost. This exercise is now about doing the paperwork now that should have been done by the developer 10 years ago rather than by me, the architect, working on a lot up the street. Maybe I should have talked about passing the buck instead...

    Do you think it's too late for me?

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